2nd Retreat, Day One - by Adam Hildt

This last weekend was our second YMAD retreat! We were all very excited for this, seeing that it had been a long time since the last one. We arrived at the Lunt’s home on January 11 at 4:30. We started by playng some games like signs, until everyone arrived. We were given a great dinner of Cafe Rio and then headed to the church for our much needed practice of our dance. After the dance, we had an amazing lesson about compassion from our guest speaker Greta Millet. We then returned back to the Lunt’s and were instructed on how to pack for India by Amy Burbidge. Everyone found it very helpful. We the did our highly anticipated talent show!! We had some amazing talents! We had a rap by Ronnie, saw a makeup demonstration by Audrey an Katelyn, and saw an amazing juggling routine by Riley. He forgot to bring his juggling balls so we had to use our imagination as he juggled up to 7 at one time. He asked Todd, one of our leaders, “do you trust me?” Well Todd heard Riley say, “Will you touch me.” So being a weird request Todd asked back in a questioning tone, “ you want me to touch you?” The entire group lost it. With some rolling on the floor in uncontrollable laughter. It is funnier than it sounds and Todd really needs to get his hearing checked. We ended the night with all the boys playing some hardcore basketball downstairs, while the girls talked upstairs. We all ended up talking with each other upstairs until about 3:00 AM, When we finally went to bed. The first day of the retreat was a big hit.