Orange Team Village Meeting By Ellie Scharman


Orange Team  -Jens Jenkins

                        Naomi Cox

                        Leah Darby

                        Ellie Scharman

                        Daniel Taylor

                        Alanis Techera

                        Leesa Tymofichuk


The Orange Team met at Jens’ house last Sunday, the 26th, and discussed our upcoming trip to India! We heard awesome lessons from Leah and Daniel. Leah took us through a lesson on all the continents and oceans and we got to see the incredible map she made for the kids in India. Daniel taught us about sports and hobbies and we all got some much needed stretching in. We decided on two songs to play in our village video, “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” and “I Want You Back”. We also ate some delicious ice cream/gelato. 

            -by Ellie Scharman

village orange team.JPG