Green Team Village Meeting By Braden Hudspeth


Green Team  -   Nell Stevens

Katherine Andrew

Wyatt Hardesty

Braden Hudspeth

Ava McConkie

Emmy Snedaker

Olivia Winston

Green Machines

Operation Azadi’s green team started out the night by fulfilling Nell’s nightmares of having a casual YMAD meeting out her home. Nell checked off our emergency lessons which were all spectacular! After which we all talked about what we are doing good and things we can work on to make sure we are playing at a 5. Nell and her lovely family, brought out some cake and ice cream for us, which was more than delicious. Wyatt then taught us his lesson on body parts. And he did a great job! Following Wyatt’s lesson Katherine A. had the wonderful opportunity to teach us her emergency lesson on careers. Boy was she prepared, it was awesome! The green team is defiantly the best team. Go Green Machines. 

            -by Braden Hudspeth

village green team.jpg