Learning about Learning

Learning about Learning

Kylee Rasmussen

Although most of us just graduated from the 11th grade (or the 10th for our the cute incoming juniors on our team) we were taken back to kindergarten during our last meeting to learn about we will teach the kids in India.

Sitting on the floor like we did when we were six, Annie taught us not only what we’re going to teach but how to get across a lesson effectively while having fun. We started by playing pictionary and Annie showed us how to teach while playing the game. She pointed out shapes and color as she drew in order to work in vocab words into the game we were playing.

After playing pictionary we moved on to everyone's favorite preschool activity...the parachute. Before we even started playing with the parachute we talked about the colors, shapes, movements, and other vocabulary words that were relevant to it; things that would be great to point out to the kids when we’re in West Bengal. After that brief discussion we moved on to the fun: playing games where we ran underneath the ballooned parachute, throwing it up and down, and kicking the ball around it!


Later we created rainstorms by making noises, clapping, and stomping. Then played a somewhat chaotic game of follow the leader: pretending to play instruments, be animals, or just dancing around the gallery. We also learned a line dance and “the cotton eye joe” and took a refresher course in “the macarena.” Not only will these new moves help us have fun and teach the kids in India at the same time...but they’re sure to blow everyone away at Homecoming in a few months.

“Everyone learns differently, so you have to apply to every learning style with different techniques.”

After spending the last ten years 一 give or take一 learning information by sitting in a desk and being talked at, Sunday night was a great reminder about what it’s like to have fun and be engaged while learning and teaching. If the kids in West Bengal enjoy playing games and having a dance party as much as us teens did they are in for a real treat.

Only a few months till we perfect the lessons, and go give children in India the education they need and deserve. We have a lot to teach and even more to learn.