We're Almost There By:Phoebe Frazier

We’re Almost There!


At Team Azadi’s meeting on the 15th of July, we had three TedTalks from Ava, Ellie, and Daniel. Ava spoke on striving for perfection but realizing we will make mistakes and have to try again. Ellie talked about how much instant gratification has morphed peoples attitudes and how effort and experience will always beat participation. Daniels TedTalk lead nicely into Allison’s lesson on Inspiration as he told us how failure sticks in our minds longer than success and how tweaking your perspective into a positive direction can affect your overall happiness/success.


The dance team again lead us in the dances and we all got a nice performance from just the boys. Thanks, guys.


We were split into our education groups to look over some more of our lesson plans and brainstormed possible activities to play and possibly successful ways to teach.