Don't Blink By Braden Hudspeth


Don't Blink

Azadi Group Meeting

24 June 2018

By Braden Hudspeth

Remember when you were a small kid, playing at the park, living your best life. I do too, because I just got back from the park. I sure do love playing games with good friends, even despite the fact that I sprung a leak. I don’t think I could possibly be more excited to get over to India to meet so more amazing friends. I’m doing my best to contain my excitement because I know we will be over there so quick!

Zoe, Savannah and Macey gave great Ted talks, in Ashley’s lovely house! Thanks for letting us gather at your house Ash!  Zoe gave her Ted talk about meditation, and the rewards of caring for your mind by slowing down for a minute. Many of our Azadi team members are taking time to relax on vacation. We missed you all, but I hope you guys are all having a ton or two of fun.

'Didi' (Elder Sister) Brooke let us play Red Rover, and while the game is quite fun, it also proves to be quite dangerous. Red light, green light, is a favorite over in India, which also gets super competitive (I went home with blood down my leg.) We also played Sharks and Minnows, which is a game I really enjoy, but am not so good at. But we started the night off with my personal favorite game, which is Down by the Banks of the Hanky Panky. Not only do I love the game but Emily loves to get me out so that is not so fun. But playing with the kids in India is literally the greatest (I have a better winning record over there) haha. Good times were had, that’s for sure!