Education Teams By Zoe Brusa


Education Teams

Azadi Group Meeting (June 10, 2018)

By Zoe Brusa


A big day for Operation Azadi last Sunday, as our team members were assigned their educational topics that will be taught in India. Each group has 4-5 team members that will be dispersed amongst the villages in India. This may have been our most important meeting, as teaching and educating the children of India is our main purpose on the expedition to India. Knowing our lessons inside and out is key to success in Chamba.

Each group is assigned lessons to study and perfect, in hopes of successfully teaching the kids in India. The lesson topics vary in length and difficulty. Each is of equal importance. ‘English’ is the first team, touching on parts of speech and types of words. Next is ‘Everyday Living’, working on counting, transportation, and shapes. ‘Health’ focuses on teaching personal hygiene, body parts, and healthy eating. Animals and nature are covered in ‘Mother Earth’. ‘Getting to Know You’ teaches introductions, feelings and emotions, as well as colors. Lastly, ‘At Home’, touches on family, clothing, and calendar months and years.

As numerous past expeditions have shared with Operation Azadi, knowing the lessons is imperative to success in India. Lessons will not flow as smoothly as hoped, and knowledge of the topics allow leaders to maneuver through a well taught lesson.


Being assigned educational topics heightened the excitement amongst the team and added a new element to our jobs. Our adult leaders are working tirelessly to ensure we all have positive experiences, and we could not do this without them.