India: Round 2- Josh Christensen

I don’t think I fully embraced the fact that I was going back to India until we got off the plane in Amritsar. There I was greeted by the familiar sights and smells that I had experienced for the first time five and a half years ago. It’s been an amazing few days here in India, this truly is a wonderful place with such a rich culture! 

I was kind of sad when a few weeks ago I was told that we wouldn’t be going back to Chamba, but I have fallen in love with the town of Kullu! Everywhere you look there is a spectacular view of the mountains dotted with colorful houses. The kids we have been teaching have been so amazing, it’s so much fun to see their sweet, pure, and loving faces! 

It’s definitely been a different experience coming with the college expedition as opposed to the high school expedition! We have had a lot more freedom and flexibility in pretty much all that we do, which has been really nice! It is pretty surreal that I am here in India once again and I’m going to try and take advantage of all the time that I have left in this beautiful country!