Azadi Workday (Team Meeting) By Alanis Techera


Azadi Workday (Team Meeting)

Saturday, 26 May 2018

By Alanis Techera


On Saturday, May 18th, YMAD team Operation Azadi met for ‘workday.’ We started the workday off by learning the dance that we will share at the cultural exchange. We are dancing to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams. The dance team has created choreography that is very clever and perfectly matches the song’s upbeat lyrics. Then, we had breakfast…yummy! 


After breakfast, we broke off into our smaller teams and we were instructed on how the lessons would be taught in India. We acted the part of the children and the leaders acted the part of the teachers. Some of us gave the leaders a real run for their money, by acting like very mischievous children and children that couldn’t understand what the teachers where saying at all. To show us a different perspective, and how the children in India would feel, one of the leaders (Clutch) taught his lesson in fluent French the whole time. This showed us how the children will feel, since there will be a real language barrier between us. We were able to learn how to be patient and use hand motions to communicate. Then, we had lunch.


After lunch, we listened to a few awesome Ted Talks by Katherine Andrew, Kaden Hale and Braden Hudspeth. Katherine taught us about how ‘To Learn is to be Free,’ based on a talk given by Shameem Akhtar. Katherine gave great insight about how one person can make a difference and the value of our words and how to be motivated. Kaden taught us about confidence and how body language can shape our confidence. Positive thoughts can really affect how well we perform. We can also fake it until we make it. Braden also spoke on the same subject as Kaden, with different insights and perspectives on the original Ted talk given by Amy Cuddy, including how our chemistry can change based on how we sit and stand. Power poses make a difference.


We finished the day off by celebrating Savannah’s birthday and practicing our culture exchange song and dance. We were able to completely learn the choreography to our dance and we sang to Bruno Mars’ “Count On Me.” that song is an excellent choice with its beautiful lyrics that perfectly describe our organization.