Grateful for Eden and Our Alumni By Braden Hudspeth


Grateful for Eden and Our Alumni

Azadi Group Meeting (May 6, 2018)

By Braden Hudspeth


Our super special Sunday meeting was kicked off at 6:00 PM, so that we could pack in all of the evening’s festivities! We were taught about gratitude. My personal favorite YMAD value is gratitude, and I am so happy that I had the opportunity to learn about gratitude from THE legendary Eden Cowart! Eden flew all the way from Maine to teach us about gratitude. 


It was super awkward when we got the opportunity to show gratitude to each other, but I am glad I learned how to make it not so awkward! On Monday I thanked my dad for mowing the lawn and he in turn thanked me for all that I do. It was so fun using my new skills!  Thanks for teaching us all how to have more gratitude in our lives! Also, a huge shout out to Allison for letting all us crowd her house for the evening! And a big thanks to those who brought treats for us!


After a small intermittent snack, the alumni from last year’s expedition came to offer us some advice! Since I was in last year’s group I got to offer advice as well, and it was quite fun to get to talk to most of the team! I heard some super good advice being offered. Sorry if I lack that much wisdom! And, sorry for scaring everyone about the spiders. They're really not that bad! Also, I heard someone talking about bringing less clothes, and packing earlier than the night before, which I also would highly suggest from my past experiences! All in all, the evening got me super excited to go to India, I'm not sure how I am going to make it the whole way to November!