It Ain't Rampur, but It'll Do -- Madison Graham

It’s hard being anywhere but Rampur Bushar. After you come to love a place and its people so much you can only expect to miss it, even if you’re only 4 hours away. Shimla is beautiful and exciting and incredible but I’ll be honest, in comparison to playing with kids you adore it can’t even compete. Today we went shopping and explored the city together. It’s crazy walking past places I’ve been and comparing photos that I have hung up in my room of buildings and lookouts and alleys and being able to see them right there in front of my face a second time. I think I’ve spent so much time dreaming about India that from time to time it’s hard to remember that this place is actually real. I never want to come home, I love this place with my whole heart. I can’t believe we’re already so close to the end of our experience here; I wish it would never end. To my family, if you’re reading this, please just come hang out with me here so I don’t have to come home to not miss you. To my kids at Dansa, if by some chance you stumble upon this blog post and happen to make it to this point, I love you so much. Not even the most beautiful hidden Indian cities in the most incredible mountains in the world compare to the incredible beauty of your smiles. I miss you already.