Blessings of Being on the Black Team -- Steve Thatcher

Working with the little kids is a joy, to be sure.  I’m not going to talk about that though.  You will hear all about them from the teens.  We have the best people with us in the village school helping make this an experience to treasure.  

Nidhi is our translator.  She is professional, kind, clever and is always a reliable lead to measure propriety.  When we are at the school she relays any information to the children, teachers, or head mistress clearly and with no misunderstandings.  If she is not sure what you mean by a phrase or word, she clarifies before trying to explain.  She is beautiful inside and out and we are grateful for her.  

The “Black Team” is blessed with some of the most clear-headed, loving teens I have ever known.  Parker has a heart that breaks yours.  His face shows the depth of emotion he feels for the kids that taught him the meaning of the word love.  

Lucy is a joy to know.  She gives her all to the kids and they adore her.  Don’t be fooled by her quiet demeanor.  She packs a witty comeback!  

Ellie is a natural nurturer.  I love watching her love on the children and give all she’s got to them.  She is so kind and patient with the rowdy ones.  

Brin is in love with our village.  She has taken so many pictures with her polaroid.  She loves teaching, and the children love her fun personality.  Her focus triples when she has a powerful purpose.  It has been inspiring to watch her with her kids.  

Bailey has the biggest fan club.  If you know her you know why.  She radiates.  Her smile is infectious and she is so energetic with the lessons and games.  As a service to one of the teachers she decided to hand-make him flash cards that he could use in his math lessons in her free time at night.  

Hunter is a born leader.  He is ready to extend a hand and work at the mention of a need.  He is patient and loving and the children want to be with him.  

I’m really going to miss being around people that challenge me every day to be better.  I want to be kind as Ellie, clever as Lucy, to love like Parker, serve like Hunter, radiant as Bailey, and surprising as Brin.  I have a long way to go.