Azadi Team Meeting (April 22, 2018) By Phoebe Frazier

Azadi Team Meeting (April 22, 2018)

By: Phoebe Frazier


At our most recent meeting on April 22nd, Team Azadi met at Allison’s house where she gave a lesson on Forgiveness. Thank you, Allison! Even though we all talked have different experiences when forgiveness is needed, we all agreed that forgiveness is a hard thing to do. It’s a whole lot easier to hold on than let go, even though the latter gives you peace. Another common idea was how difficult it is to forgive yourself. Remember your Power Plays. (I think the toughest one is going to be “forgive someone in your life.”)


We had four impressive Ted Talks from Leah, Emily, Olivia and Phoebe. Leah talked about emotional rigidity versus emotional agility. Being emotionally agile starts with a properly identifying what you’re feeling and opening up. Emily spoke on how to be happier by having more gratitude. Happiness is born from gratitude, not the other way around. Olivia told us that education and understanding the essentials of life are the keys to living an empowered, successful life. Phoebe talked about anxiety, bullying andhow loving yourself is basically an act of rebellion in a society that tells you to do the opposite. (Hi, Phoebe here <3)


We also celebrated Julia’s birthday and enjoyed a quick little game of Red Light Green Light!


During the meeting, we talked about how fundraising has been going. Many of us have a pretty good start and are on their way to India! If you have an upcoming event that you want support for, text one of our communication team members and they will publicize it on the Instagram. Speaking of the Instagram, it will now be used more daily as we start our Spotlights. If a communications member texts your for a picture and info, please respond. The pic can be as embarrassing or as normal as you’d like. We also have some other fun Insta events coming up. Keep an eye on that account!