Raisharan is Heaven on Earth -- Steve Neff

I have the privilege of leading Green team.  We serve in the village school of Raisharan.  It feels like our village is at the top of the world.  We arrive at our school after a treacherous 40 minute ride full of switchbacks.  We are on a road that is a little wider than our van with rock walls on 1 side and blue sky on the other.  We follow our exciting van ride with a 5 minute hike with about a 200 foot drop in elevation.  It is amazing to be on the side of a mountain with views of the Himalayas.

We have the opportunity to teach 13 beautiful Indian children ranging in age from 5 to 11.  We also get to work with the village mothers and residents.  These people are very poor.  The majority of the residents are farmers on the terraced mountainside or day laborers.  

I am honored to work with the 6 amazing teens.  Let me tell you about them.

Paige Burton: She is a natural teacher.  She was quick to love children and connected immediately. 

Daniel Janzen : He is full of energy.  He keeps the children moving and learning.  

Chloe Richmond: She is loved by all with her beautiful smile and her expressive face.  

Austin Keller: He was engaged from the first minute.  He has such a love for the children. 

Madi Lambert: She is loved for her gentleness and open heart.  She is so full love.

Ben Winkel: He is always on point  He truly cares about the children.  He works hard on his lessons and it shows.

To the Burtons, Janzens, Richmonds, Kellers, Lamberts and WInkels: You can be very proud of your teens.  I am so impressed by the hard work, determination, and willingness to serve of your teens.  I love and appreciate them.  

Saturday was Cultural Exchange day.  I was so impressed that our village had prepared a dance for us.  Our Village was the last one that we visited.  All the YMAD teens were in tears by the end of the Songs and dances.  All 26 of the teens that have traveled to India with us are gems.  I told them Sunday night that they will always be my YMAD children,  I love them all.

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