I am cramping and have gas. -- Todd Adams (Medic)

Up until now we have had only a few simple medical issues. Head aches, nausea - the roads are switchback upon switchbacks. One issues of a teen grabbing a handful of stinging nettle on the trail. A couple of bug bites which have been treated with steroid cream and essential oils. We have some leaders who always have the oils at the ready. 

The Indian food has agreed with everyone, mostly. Last night there was french fries and pasta served with the other curry items. Now mostly all the boys are complaining of cramps and gas - so Pepto and gas x for those in need. So far there have been no colds other than a couple of the leaders. Boxes of Emergen-C have been popular.  

We have been well taken care of by our Indian leader, Raj. Even as high up in the Himalayas Raj makes a call to “Indian Amazon Prime.” It delivers within “10 minutes.” 

As always the children of India have given more love to the YMAD group than can be explained. We come to India with the teens planning to serve, to educate and give of themselves. Before long the Indian children are waiting at the bus stops running to meet there new American friends. With arms wrapped tight around our necks they give us the unconditional love that many of us have felt undeserving of for a very long time. It does not matter who you are, what your struggles are in life, or what you believe - you are loved, accepted and cherished by the children of India.