Amazon Prime India Delivers -- Melissa Thatcher

Wow! What an amazing time we have had so far with your teens. They are so amazing! When we first arrived here in Rampur your kids were so nervous to go to the village school the next morning. As we sent them on their way and asked them if they were excited they expressed their fear of the little children not liking them or if they would be able to connect with them. The smiles on their face, the endless laughter and chatter told me that they absolutely connected with the kids. In fact, not only did they connect, they fell deeply in love with them. 

I have never been so impressed with a group teen boys as I have been with this team. Not a single meal has gone past when the boys did not insist that all the girls got their dinner before they would even think about jumping in line to feed themselves. The boys have helped the girls carry bags, kill bugs and made sure of the girls’ safety up hill, down hill or in the market was their top priority. What an impressive job you parents have done raising them. 

The girls on our team this year are equally impressive. They are awesome at making sure their nurturing skills are intact and ready at a moments notice. When they came home, the girls would figure out the needs of not only the children in the village but also about each of their team members and also us leaders. Time and time again I was offered cough drops or ibuprofen. I love our girls. They are awesome at cleaning up after meals and just helping out wherever they could make themselves useful. These girls are beautiful inside and out. 

I have had so much joy working with all of the team leaders and all the teens. We have been pampered and cared for greatly by Raj, who has spent endless hours and late nights making sure our YMAD team was comfortable and happy. Everything comes as per “Indian Amazon Prime” here, (in other words, Raj’s guy who goes and buys stuff whenever he calls to tell him what we need) and it works like magic. The  delivery here is very quick and arrives within just a few hours the same day ordered. Raj is the master and knows how to make all the bumps in the road a whole lot smoother. Raj has such a big heart and such a fun personality, Oh how we love him and the friendship he has shared with all of us. Our trip would not be complete without him. He is the King! 

I am so thankful to all you parents for allowing us to be part of your kids’ lives. They will not be returning with the same hearts or personalities they left with. I have seen each and everyone of them grow and gain a new perspective on life and love. Please be understanding when your teens return home, they have each experienced some amazing things that are near and dear to there hearts and have a box of tissues ready. They will need them. We have shared lots of tears this trip, seeing miracles happen and seeing lives changed due to all the hard work your teens have done before and during this trip. Rampur, India is a beautiful place that has connected us all forever!

Corey Neff12 Comments