Cloud Nine -- Brinley Howard

I have so much love for these beautiful children. I cannot explain to you how much joy and happiness they have brought me in just a few days. I cannot imagine leaving them. They are so happy with so little and it makes me so grateful for all I have. I am so incredibly happy. I am on cloud nine every morning and every night right before I go to bed cause I know I get to see them in the morning. Every morning it's so easy to roll out of bed and know I get to see my beautiful children. Everyone in the mornings is so so happy because they know they get to see them. 

To get to the schools we take these buses and the roads are seriously switchbacks for fifty minutes.  The view on the way up makes the drives so worth it. Mom and Shay, you’d be barfing after five minutes. The bus rides are so fun cause you get to think about life and just see the beautiful Himalayas and see people live their daily lives. 

Everything here is so much better. The Oreo’s 100x better—no joke—and the Lays chips…wow!  I can’t explain to you how wonderful the food is here.  For breakfast we have these  Indian scones and then some eggs and on somedays we have rice pudding, which is amazing. Dad, I can say to you I’ve definitely had more then one cup full a day.

I’m going to talk about our 2 and a half days of travel. First off, we said goodbye to families and checked baggage in. Then we went through security and lots of people got stopped to get bags searched. After we got to our terminal we went and got Cafe Rio then got on our plane to Amsterdam. I sat next to Daniel my boy, hah. We had a small layover and then on to New Delhi. I sat next to Daniel again and Austin Jenkins. Before this flight I was super exhausted so I took Z-Quil. Let me tell you, I was trippin’. I slept 6 hours of the 8 and the people on my row ordered me the vegetarian dinner on the plane while I was still asleep. I was eating it with my hands while I was sleeping. I have no recollection of eating! They were laughing so hard. Then we had our bus ride from Chandigarh. I’m going to make this story short but basically we clipped a bus’ mirror and our bus driver never stopped. So the guy who’s mirror got hit called his buddies up the road and they blocked the roads to stop us. Then, this huge group of guys came up to the window and they argued. Then he gets out of the car and our driver starts getting socked in the face by 8 guys. We were all freaking out so we closed the windows and locked the doors. Eventually, he just gave him all the money in his wallet and we were on our way.  The driver was fired that day.

I’m going to wrap it up but I will say I’m pooping regular more then I do at home…hah…sorry mom. Sorry about grammar or if I bore you to death. Also I do not want to come home at all. It’s going to be so hard to leave the wonderful kids. i love you all and see you soon (sadly but gladly).