Let the Adventure Begin: Braden Hudspeth

March 2nd marks the start of it all. We experienced a bit of competition involving a game a bowling to start things off, and on the right foot despite my team losing! After dinner we had wonderful lessons on integrity and life lenses by our fabulous leader Brooke! We also chose our expedition name, Operation Azadi, which means freedom in Hindi. Allison also face timed my boy Raj back in India! To finish off the night we found out our prep team groups, thanks to Nell we played a super cool trivia game to find out our teams. We got to bed at about midnight and everyone was super tired! Saturday morning I had the opportunity to be awoken by Allison’s lovely wake up call. I’ve been missing it ever since I was in India last fall! After our awesome leader Clutch taught us the four pillars of fundraising we had guest speaker, Eli Baird teach about elevator speeches. Thanks to these awesome lessons I am super excited to get fundraising! Allison and Naomi put on a little talent show showcasing their handstand skills and it was awesome. We finished our retreat by getting new tee shirts, taking a group picture, and singing One Day! Thanks to Allison and Brooke for all they do for us and all our adult leaders as well! Can’t wait to go to India, only eight and a half months to go!