The Happiest Place On Earth -- Chloe Payne

Supppp dudes. I love this place. India is amazing. We are only halfway through the trip and my life has been changed. I have never been so full of joy and free of worry. This is THE happiest place on earth (yes mom I’m happy and I’m healthy). 

Traveling here was not as bad as I thought it would be. It actually was kind of fun haha. We drove up a huge mountain for 10 hours. I got assigned to teach the children in the village Shaneri. The kids are beautiful and so so smart. I have never felt such genuine happiness than I did holding and teaching these cute kiddos. I have learned so much about myself being here and have gained such a bigger perspective. YMAD is incredible and the impact we are making and have made on these villages and kids is huge. Leaving these people and this place is going to be devastating. As bad as it sounds, homesickness is not a thing for me in India. Forgetting myself and my worries completely and putting these people above everything has made me so happy that I don’t have time to be homesick. More stories to come when I get home fam bam, love you guys xoxox! See you in 7 more days. Tell the dog I miss her.