Real Men Cry... A Lot -- Hunter McKenzie

If you know me, you know I am a fairly emotional individual. I tend to get hung up on beautiful moments, love quickly, and can get choked up fairly easily (thanks dad). Needless to say, this adventure has had no shortage of beautiful moments. From driving up to our school in the morning and waving at kids in the street, to seeing Parker reunite with his kids from last year, to throwing around my new friend Vivek. I cannot even begin to express the impact these experiences have had on me, all I know is that my heart is so incredibly full. 

I have fulfilled several life long dreams of mine on this trip. I’ve now been in the Himalayas, I had Gulab Jamun (a delicious donut like dessert) from a street vendor in Rampur, and I have discovered a true source of happiness in the laughs and the smiles of dozens of beautiful children. I would love to go into detail about every single child I have had the pleasure of working with but I am afraid it would end up a novel. To keep it brief, the children of Lalsa (my school) are some of the smartest, most genuine, and most driven individuals that I have ever encountered. They have a fire for life that is unmatched by anyone else and I aspire to love the way they do. 

Thank you to all who helped make this experience possible, especially my mom and dad, these memories already mean the absolute world to me. 

Sending my love.