Hidden Cavities -- Nat Hagen

Words cannot describe what I felt this morning. In 2013, I made a connection so strong I never expected it could exist. I fell in love with my kids, and that is what they became: my own. They were, and are, my family. They opened up a part of my heart of which I was never before aware, and filled it to capacity. Or at least I thought they did. All of that changed when, this morning, I saw what YMAD does. I saw children practicing what they had learned from YMAD kids as part of their morning routine. I saw the potential of the poorest of the poor having the chance to attend college and provide a comfortable life for their families; I saw progress and change. My emotions overcame me as a procession of beautiful, purely joyful children touched their hands to my feet, then their face, welcoming and respecting me as a representative of God. I have never felt such love. Again, my heart’s hidden cavity was opened and filled to capacity.

I will never stop working to help these children. Because I know that regardless of how many times I meet them, or how many of these children steal my heart, that cavity will always open up for them, never truly filling to capacity. There is no way to love my children too much; no way to care too much; no way to do too much. I wholly and completely belong to my children. I am theirs, and they are mine.