“Help! My Heart Was Stolen!” -- Ashley Morris

A terrible accident has occurred! My heart was stolen by the children of India! They were just so adorable that I couldn’t keep my heart locked up. On a serious note, I cannot believe that meeting elementary kids could have such a profound effect on me. They can barely speak to me, and yet, they make me happier than I believe I have ever been in my life. Now, let me introduce you to a few of my kids. 

Shikha is one of the oldest and smartest kids in my village-Shaneri. There is a light in her eyes that is completely overwhelming. Mahek has a smile that shines in the darkest light. She has an energy that everyone wants to be a part of. And Ashish is so sweet and full of endless joy that he never fails to plant a smile on your face. I could literally go on for days describing the kids in my village, but I could never give you a sense of how truly amazing they all are. Ultimately, I have come to a realization: the 40 hours of traveling, the 9 months of preparation, and the stress of raising $3900 was completely worth it to be able to be with these kids for a week!

The children I have met here is not the only reason this experience has been so amazing. Our location is spectacular! We are surrounded by all sides by mountains; we’re literally sleeping on the side of one. And the roads are unbelievable. Our bus is only inches aways from falling off a 5,000 foot cliff constantly, which is scary and thrilling at the same time. We can even see the Himalayas on our way to our village! And all I can think about is how much my dad would love to have our view of these magnificent ranges. 

Overall, I am completely content in India with my children. I would never leave if it wasn’t for all the amazing people at home. Yes family, I’m talking to you! I’ll see you soon!