An Unexplainable Feeling -- Bailey Stewart

Wow I have no words to describe what I’m feeling right now, so bear with me it’s going to get messy. This has honestly been the best time of my life, and each day I fall more in love with India and my kids. These past few days have changed my life. 

I’m teaching in Lalsa, a small village in Rampur. The school hosts 25 kids, all with completely different personalities. One of the girls I have definitely clicked with is Akshita. She is precious. When you hold her, you can just feel love radiating off of her. It’s like holding the world in your arms. It’s amazing! She is so happy and energetic all of the time. During the cultural exchange, we were singing One Day. I thought I was going to cry, but I was actually laughing because little Akshita wouldn’t stop doing her silly little smile and raising her eyebrows at me. All the kids call me “Didi Bailey” which means older sister Bailey. When we come to the school, the whole town waves and gets so excited to see us. The kids at our school rush to us speaking Hindi and I wish so badly to understand what they’re saying. They’ll give us high fives and hugs with the biggest smiles. I’m going to miss this. So I’m trying so hard to live in the moment.

Before I came on this trip I wanted to make a difference in the world but I wasn’t sure if it would be possible. Now that I am here it’s happening and I am helping these kids in hope to give them a better future. This trip has taught me that love is it’s own language.

I’m having a great time here and I probably won’t come home, some amazing memories are being made. My heart is in India. Love you all.

Sending hugs and kisses from India 

    Love Bai Stew