"There's No Place Like (India) Home" -- Payton Mudliar

Being on my one year in America has been fun and all but to be honest coming back home to India has been something that i’ve needed for a while. I have been blessed with the privilege to return to my same village that I went to last year when I came here. My heart melted and I teared up when I saw the same kids that were there last year. The highlight of this trip for sure is when I woke up the morning of our first day teaching these kids, ate breakfast, drove up the mountain, and then arrived at the school. 

The kids remembered my name… They recognized me. They remembered me, their faces once they saw me has to be one of the greatest moment I’ve ever experienced. They remembered the songs that my group last year taught them. They remembered most of my little jokes that I had made with them. Their knowledge of the lessons we taught them had increased. They understood the lessons better and they were more excited to learn this time around.

The YMAD program is working guys. We are making a difference and I have been able to witness it for myself. After seeing first hand how big of an influence this organization has on people, I would be doing these every single year.

I can’t tell you now happy I’ve been these past couple of days. Seeing the scenery, the culture, and obviously the kids has made me not want to go back on a vacation to the U.S. I am doing well you guys don’t need to worry about me and there is no number big enough to quantify the amount of love I have for this place.