"She just tackled me with love!" -- Maddie Lambert

“Good Morning ma’am. Good Morning sir.” That is what Green Team hears every morning after our short hike down to our school.  I’m having writers block. It is so hard to put into words just how incredible these two days have been. Anchika, Shintiaya, Muska, Batipa, Samriki, Sanika, Lata, Sapne, Rahit, Byush, Tamanna, Sahiel, and Sujal.  Thirteen little beauties have stolen my heart. The first day standing outside the school, I see little eyes peeking through the beautiful barred windows. Little did I know, in less than an hour, they would become my whole entire world. I start teaching my lessons, all the kids slowly came out of their shell. By story time I held out my arms to 5 year-old Muska. She jumped into my arms, and I turned to Nat and said, “she just tackled me with her love!”  I keep thinking to myself it is such a blessing to be here and be with these kids. I look into their eyes and I want to give them my future, I want to give them everything I have, and more. 

Samriti. She is the light of my life. She is around seven-years-old. Yesterday, she was very shy and she wouldn’t talk during the lesson. Today, she came up and had me carry her into class. She never left my side. She asked to take pictures with me. I was holding her for most of the day. I have never grown so attached to a group so quickly. I walk out of the school everyday and immediately miss them. Batipa’s laugh is the cutest thing you will ever hear. Imagine a little girl’s belly laugh, then add a smile with the front teeth missing, and exuberance.  I have never heard a more genuine and happy laugh. It made me realize that I need more smiling in my life. 

In short, I am so blessed and happy to be here. Words can’t desire be my emotions. I will be back to blog again later but I have to end here (otherwise my blog will turn into a rant).