Hey It’s Me Again LOL xD ;) -- Madison Graham

Heyyyyyy party people!! It’s ya girl. I’m back in India and better than ever. Seriously this place is magical. I don’t know what it is about it but something about India heals you. It’s the most amazing place. Take it from me, I’m on round 2. The experience is so nice ya gotta do it twice! To anybody even thinking about applying to YMAD: don’t wait, do it NOW! You’re already on the website reading this blog so go ahead and just take a couple minutes to do yourself the biggest favor of your life and apply to the program yourself. It will change your life in all the best ways. Anyway let’s get started with the blog. HI MOM IT’S ME I’M SAFE AND HAPPY AND I LOVE INDIA! Indian food is the best food. Indian hotels are the littest hotels. Indian children are the cutest children. Bet. Leading up to the trip I’ve been expecting the kids at the school to have to re-learn my name and not remember me at all. It’s been an entire year since I have had any contact with them whatsoever, so it seemed like common sense to me that they would maybe recognize me but not really know why. But holy crap those amazing angel babies were yelling my name the entire time we walked up to the school. Ask me if I cried. (I did.) The headmaster hugged me after the kids’ morning prayers and exercises and when she pulled away she had tears in her eyes. I had no idea I meant so much to her and these kids and seeing how much they’ve implemented what we taught them last year and how much they remember from our lessons is so powerful to me. They sing head, shoulders, knees and toes with their morning prayers, which none of them knew before last year. Shout out to Zane. Every kid wears the sweater, shoes and socks we gave them last year. Last year there was only one functioning classroom in the school in addition to the head master’s office and the kitchen, but now thanks to YMAD every classroom in the school is being used. It’s absolutely amazing to see the actual lasting impact that Youth Making a Difference has on these schools. This organization changes lives, I really really promise you. It’s changed mine! And it’s changing the children in India as well. 


Alrighty well I don’t know what else to talk about I just love my team and love my school and love my life and love my hotel and love my pajamas (matching PJ’s with the blue crew yeah that’s right Bluep Crewp 5ever) and I love bottled water and I love my camera and I love Limca and I love curry and I love Raj and I love India so so soo so so so so so so 1 solo soooso soo sosoo much. See u in 2! xoxo gossip girl.