STOP! GO! -- Ryan Stolfa

How do I even start.  I have never had so much fun and experienced so much happiness and joy.  The blue crew is having so much fun, and we have a great drive up to our village.  My favorite part in the school so far has been playing games as an entire group.  The kids’ favorite game is stop go (red light green light).  I’ve never seen anyone have so much fun.  They were all running so fast and laughing the entire time.  Every round, there is a kid latched onto each hand that won’t let go.  Today it was Rikita and Kritika, who wouldn’t let go, even as we tried to let people into the circle in ring around the rosy.  The kids are so smart and already know so much english.  Pankaj knows so many of the words I am teaching.  Yesterday, one kid actually corrected me when I said left instead of right, and it suddenly made all the effort I had been putting into teaching worth it.  They were really absorbing what I was teaching.  Our village of 28 is so sweet, and gives us a blessing each morning.  I have never felt so much love and appreciation.  There isn’t much else I can put into words, but I’ll make sure my next blog is more detailed.  This has been an incredible experience, and I can’t wait to see them all tomorrow!