Alive and Well -- Sassy Jensen

There are no words. There is quite literally not a single word in the entire English language to explain the pure love and joy I have for, and receive from, these children. They are my BABIES. I did not know it was physically possible for my heart to love people so much. And I’m so sorry to my family but I don’t think I can come home. Like you guys can come out here and chill in Rampur but I refuse to leave hahaha. I wish so badly that everyone I love could experience this feeling. It is not comparable to anything I have ever felt. As Nat would say, “What they have is next to nothing, but they want to give you everything they have.” Each morning we are welcomed as gods as they give us blessings by touching our feet. The kids are so respectful and so kind and so innocently perfect. One of the kids who gravitates toward me a lot is Priyanshi. She is so beautiful and sweet and an absolute ANGEL. You can tell in the pictures attached that she is incredibly fun loving and happy. All of these kids seriously have my heart. A few of the other children who are extra special to me are Rikita, Sushmita, Nidhi, Pankaj, and Ayush. At least two of the five are holding my hand at all times and making me feel special. In fact, they get extremely offended if you let go even for a second. Basically these babies are the light of my life and I LOVE THEM SO MUCH and I miss and love my family and will see you all soon. I’ll write again next week! xoxo 


also p.s. for my mom I’m alive and well and thriving and am feeling good:)