NOICE -- Camden Sorenson

Well thats enough blogging for one day… I’M KIDDING! India is so amazing, it honestly exceeds any expectations I had built in my head. These kids are perfect. After finishing our lessons we are able to play games with the kids (we end up playing a whole lotta red light green light but the kids really don’t care about the rules, they just run). So in between rounds a kid named Kartik runs up and to me and grabs my hand and he wouldn’t let go. This kid honestly is so amazing I could never even try to explain it. (There is a picture of me leading him to medical exams attached to this, you cant see either of our faces but it is still adorbzz). The kids will basically fight each other just to hold your hand and it is so FETCHING cute. Seeing the pure joy in these kids makes me feel so happy, the level of happiness they have is what I aspire for in my life, they are care-free and happy, and it is beautiful. The car rides are kinda intense, we are winding through mountain roads and it is so much fun. The Himalayas are similar to the rocky mountains, if the rocky mountains were doing some PED’s like A-Rod. THESE SUCKAS MASSIVE! I don’t know what the exact temperature is but I can tell you it is NOICE! I need Utah to be warm when I get home or else I’m going to get on the next plane to Chandigarh and come back here (okay maybe not the next flight, I will need some time to recharge because that flight is crazy). It is so sunny and bright and there are villages everywhere! The people who live here are so nice, when you wave at them their faces light up and they give the biggest smiles imaginable. I should have another chance to blog on this trip and I will bring more stories. I love being here and I feel so blessed. Peace Love and Positivity. 


Stay Pimpin’.