India is a Thing -- Benjamin Jay Winkel

To whom it may concern, namely mother, here is a brief summary of the trip. The first plane ride was awesome. It was 8-ish hours of pure, non sleep deprived bliss.  I got a 10/10 sandwich in Amsterdam that was the most glorious BLT-esque type thing I have ever had. I’m pretty sure it was wheat ciabatta bread with some sort of dressing with the most AMAZING bacon ever.  But I digress, not the point.  The second flight was slightly crappier.  I still hadn’t slept at that point and it was 6 hours.  I slept for maybe an hour out of a seven hour layover in the Delhi airport and then embarked on the coolest one hour flight of my life.  I still didn’t sleep on our 10 hour bus ride. Anywho, I’m horribly sleep deprived and it took like half an hour for me to write this much, as my brain is fried.  I haven’t taken many pictures, my bad.  Teaching was fun. The five year olds were horribly awkward, but everyone else was chill.  We went to the market. I got a pink suit. Imma sleep now, I’ll write more well put together/complete stuff later. Love ya’ll, bye.