The Federal Reserve of Nepal -- Austin Keller

Leave everything behind and live fully in the moment. That is the one phrase that I am keeping with me through this trip. It was our first time at our schools today, and after almost 48 hours of being on planes or sleeping in airports or riding in a huge van on one lane winding roads through the Himalayas, it finally felt like it was more than worth it. Talking about the van rides, Daniel threw up on the bus after we finished giving each other foot massages and it was beast. Also, I pooped last night so I’m already doing better than half of our group. 

    Our hotel is on a cliff and our school is what seems like thousands of feet higher up on the mountain than that, and somehow there are still tons of people that build their tiny brick and mortar houses up here. The people are a mystery to me. The bus drivers are absolutely super human, the children live in ways I couldn’t imagine, and the men work all day doing extremely tedious jobs, like sifting dirt through a screen door all day to make cement for their hut. If you thought construction in the US is inefficient, imagine a line of guys in construction uniforms just carrying rocks up the road. 

    My village teams school is the same one that Parker and Madi were assigned to last year and only when I was leaving it at 3:30 today, could I truly understand why they wanted to come back so bad. Lucky for me I still have 4 days with those children. I will make every moment count.


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