"Bye..." -- Chloe Richmond

After 40 hours of travel we have finally made it to India, after only being here for 37 hours I have never been so in love with a country. Everything—the scenery, food, smells and the people. The people are so incredible, every person but especially the kids we got to meet our kids today and when I first walked into the school and the little kids stood up and said “good morning ma’am good morning sir” I stared to cry.  The overflow of emotions when I saw them I have never felt for complete strangers. All the months of preparation, stress and money have completely paid off. There’s this little girl in my group named Sapna who’s 8 years old and lives completely alone.  She’s an orphan and she goes to the school early and a teacher feeds her a little bit of breakfast and that’s all the help she gets.  I picked her up and I had her on my hip for the rest of the day along with another YMAD girl in my village. Sapna is incredibly smart and sassy. All day, whenever someone would try to take her away from me and she would wave her hand and say “byeeeeee” it is the funniest thing. India is so incredible and I am so blessed to be able to be here.