Blog 1: The Force Awakens -- Daniel Janzen

Finally after 40 hours of travel, we made it to India.  On the first plane trip, I got to see the Northern Lights in all of their beauty and glory.  They were one of the coolest things that I have ever seen.  After another 2 plane rides that kinda sucked we were on our way to Rampur.  My village team and I got onto the best bus ever.  Our driver is no mere mortal. The way that he was able to drive throughout the country was incredible.  On the way our team decided to treat ourselves by rubbing each others feet and making good stories to remember.  I have absolutely  loved the way the country looks and feels.  It is such a cool experience that I have cherished.  

    On the way, we were going up some winding roads and with all of the food, no sleep, and flatulence of Austin Keller, my vomit was welcome taste.  But through the curves and the vomit we made it to our hotel in Rampur.  The rest of the night, I had nothing in me and I passed out after an amazing shower.  

    The following morning we had an amazing breakfast and finally were off to meet the kids.  The village we got to was even better than I imagined.  The kids were amazing and beautiful.  I got to teach one of my hardest lessons which was rough, but I had an amazing time teaching them.  I played outside with some of the younger ones and hearing their laughs gave me so much joy and kept me going. 

    Just for you mom, I have pooped twice and I feel great.


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