Back At It Again -- Paige Burton

Here I go at the twice in a lifetime experience. I have an amazing love for YMAD and what comes along with the experience. The 2 years I have put into YMAD have been way more than life changing, for me they have been life saving.  Last year I went to Operation Shaktiman’s return celebration and one school really stood out to me. I had no idea that a year later I would be in that school. When I was walking to the school today I had a lot of thoughts through my mind. Thinking how am I going to make the most out of this experience and how will I give the kids all of me, but after I heard their sweet voices and their laughs I knew I could give all of me easily.  Some ladies came down to watch us teach and told our translator how amazing YMAD has been for their kids in the past and thanked us for coming. I am grateful to be back in India this country has got it right, from the driving to the built-in fanny packs in the pants. So sorry if I never come home because this place is my home. SOOOO BYEE