Eating it all up: By Leah Darby

   Eating it all up 

            I hope everyone had a good thanksgiving. I’m missing my family, but still having a lot of fun here. I love the kids in my school. It’s so fun to get to know them better everyday. I can’t pick a favorite because as I spend more time with them, I just them all even more! After our lessons everyday we have about 45 minutes to just play with the kids. It’s so fun to dance and run around with them. They love to play ride that pony and down by the banks. Kirti will hold my hand the whole time and yesterday she told me I was her favorite, which made me really happy. Teaching is going pretty well. I am so impressed with all of the kids and how smart they are. The oldest group picks everything up so quickly. They take the book from me and read it to me and when we play flash card games, they spell out the words for me. I love to see them working so hard. 

          Yesterday we went to the YMAD house which was really fun. We had a jump rope competition with the girls. Then we readHarry Potter to the girls. Tomorrow night we will watch the first Harry Potter movie with them, which should be really fun! Today is a national holiday in India so none of the kids have school. I was really sad we couldn’t teach the kids, but we painted our murals in the schools and the YMAD girls came with us, which was so fun! We also went to the market which was so cool! The YMAD girls helped us bargain and it was cool to see all the different clothes and jewelry. Even though we couldn’t teach, it still turned out to be a good day. 

             On Wednesday my group didn’t go to the YMAD house, so we had extra time at the hotel to shower, attempt to re-organize our bags, and journal. After sitting around the roof for a while, Lily agreed to teach me and Savannah the hoedown throwdown. Luckily, Savannah and I have about the same amount of skill in the dancing and coordination department, so we struggled together. After a long time and a lot of practice, we got it! Except according to Zoe, who said my dancing hurt her. The negativity didn’t get to us though, because we still practice it at every chance we get and are having a lot of fun doing it. Sitting around the fire at night is a fun time to just talk and share our pictures with everyone. Shortening is becoming more and more popular, so I’ve spent a lot of time updating everyone on the best shortenings. I also made Nell a necklace- the dubs sugs. We go to bed at 10 every night and we are always too tired to stay up any later than that. It’s so weird to think that when I’m going to bed, everyone in the UT is just waking up! I miss my family, but I’m also loving teaching and growing and learning here.