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Chamba gang. If ya know ya know.

I love life, and that’s what’s important. I am happier then ever, healthy, and have a bunch of awesome friends. Look around, I mean really look not just see, and show some gratitude. I don’t think there is possibly a better way to spend Thanksgiving than here in Chamba. Thank you to everyone that has helped me get here, not just once but twice! Now for some key events.

Extended Tuesday

-Pranked Al in the morning

-Locked Jake in his room

-Jens talked crap

-Got tickled at the fire


-“Braden you are a handsome man, sir.” - Muskaan

-Gassed up

-Part of me died

-Got some massages 🙏

-Recognized for my shenanigans

-Messed with Raj



-New shoes

-Jakey Jake the snake

-Lots of Candids

Black Friday

-Woke up early, caught a killer deal with Mother Earth


-Painting/village gathering!?!

-Games with the YMAD girls

-Shopping in the market


I forgot to mention the pranking of Al Tuesday morning in my last blog. Anyway, Ty and I get up early, especially me (I don’t sleep, haha) and we opened our door right as Al went to knock to wake us up, and she jumped quite a bit. We also locked Jake in his room from the outside while he was in the bathroom. This is when Jens decides he could just scare us out of pranks but he clearly doesn’t know me. Haha. I’m always on the prank grind. Also, Olivia figured out that I am ticklish that night. I ended up on the ground fully in the fetal position. Not funny!

I start at our oldest group of girls in the morning when teaching, and it is always a good gleam of energy. They always have such a good attitude and are extremely happy to be with us. They are super sassy as well. Muskaan always says “Braden you are a very handsome man, sir.” It for sure is the funniest thing. One day at work I was staring at the gas pumps at Holiday and it gave me such an interest in gas stations in India. Ever since we left the airport I was looking far and wide and found only one or two. But a dream was fulfilled when we had to stop and get gas on our way to the YMAD house from school. Turns out they have someone that pumps the gas for you. I also spilled half of my cashews on the floor in my room and I actually cried, worst India experience yet. Still mad. Naomi, Jens and Ava all gave me massages around the fire and it actually helped my neck a ton so thanks. Tyler thought it would be hilarious to call the other hotel rooms and we got tattled on. Haha. Al thought it was me so at least someone can appreciate my stupid pranks, even if they’re not my pranks. Jake and I have been on the grind to massage Raj and he finally came around and appreciates our solid massages. If you didn’t know, he hates to be touched so it’s basically pure gold. Raj’s Massages, check it out. I’m gonna open one at my house for a trial run but probably will open in India pretty soon so be on the lookout. Gonna be good.

Yesterday was thanksgiving, how freakin awesome. My favorite holiday for sure and I spent the last few here. I hope everyone had as much fun as I did. Teaching was a bit hard because Jake was there for medical exams and the shoe guy was there getting the kids new shoes. It was still fun and I couldn’t have had a better time. Jakey Jake was fun as always, such a punk. Lol. I was on the grind all day to get the candid shots even around the fire. I got some good ones, and a Fanta infomercial with Naomi and an almost full moon. It’s sick. Ask for the pic upon my return.

Today is Black Friday, haha hope everyone got some killer deals. Today was my first time shopping on Black Friday just not actually for a sale haha. It also happens to be a Sikh holiday here in India so we had no school today. Instead we went and painted our murals at the schools. Our translator Paru and Rupali and Pooja (girls at the YMAD house) came and helped us paint. It was a riot and like the whole village showed up. Just kidding but almost all the kids were there and some of their siblings. Sugal, Ananya, Savri were there and talked about all the kids from last year and Zippy (They have now moved up to middle school). It was so awesome to see the excitement on their faces when I asked if they remembered everyone. Our mural looks super awesome even though I didn’t contribute very much. Today is Ashley’s birthday, and we had cake at the YMAD house for her. Ashley is one of my favorite people and I’m glad I get to be apart of her India families. After lunch and cake, some of us played Heads Up, 7 Up with the girls and it was so fun. We then went to the market and I got some goodies. Sachin, Raj’s cousin, bartered for us in the market. I love Sachin he is so funny and has mad camera skills. He also makes quite the model. Jens is focused on getting good candid shots, and he believes that is done by zooming in. I then, as I do, made fun of him. Although some of the shots actually did turn out. The YMAD girls thought it was hilarious. #fullzoom

Also saw some girls from my school last year in the market today. I can’t even wait till our cultural exchange tomorrow when I get to see them all.

Here’s some more goodies


You’re Like Comin’ Home - Lonestar

The Best Day - George Strait

Bodies - Drowning Pool

Chill Out - Future Vibe

As Long As I’m With You - Charley Jenkins

The Future - The National Parks

100 Years - Five For Fighting

The Stars - Lady Antebellum


“There is power

in my heat,

purpose in my flame.” Paige Polk

And some more shower thoughts for ya.

-If a tomato is a fruit does that make tomato soup a smoothie?

-The best part of a cucumber tastes like the worst part of a watermelon.

-Drinking water with a minty mouth is the cold version of spicy.

-You’ve seen more of the surface of the moon than earth.

-We have no evidence that today is Friday. Just confidence that someone has properly kept track.

Also I’ve fallen in love with the Dump trucks here. If anyone could do a quick search for a Tata dump truck from India and comment the results, it would be greatly appreciated. It has to be decorated as well and in the states. Thanks.

Someone please comment the Utah football and basketball scores while I’ve been gone. Especially the BYU game. Thanks for reading my blog, come again.

Live, Love, Give,


P.S. I miss the crap out of Rylee. Something about waking up next to Tyler just ain’t the same as waking up to a good lick to the face.