New soles for precious souls - Daniel Taylor

Today after lunch a truck drove into the school with a bunch of boxes in the back. Everyone at the school got new shoes! It was really cool to see their faces when they each were handed a box with their names on it. It’s really sweet to see how the littlest gift can make such an impact on their lives.

These kids are so cute! I know I shouldn’t have favorites, but here are some of mine: Heena, Pema, Kertic, Rohit, Umesh, Brijesh, Disha, Souya, and Suraj. They all love being close to me, and playing different games. I’ve been doing handshakes with everyone. Each day I try to add onto it, and the kids love it. Whenever they guess a word correct, or match two cards right, we do the handshake. It seems to be exciting for the kids.

Today was my favorite lesson. I was teaching sports. After some flash card games and review, we ran around the courtyard to get the blood flowing. Then we did some stretching and setup cones. The rest of the lesson we played soccer, or “football.” It was so much fun! The kids had so much energy, and I can now see why certain kids like Rohit are so restless during our lessons. He ran up and down the court for like 30 mins nonstop in the heat. They have lots of energy, and some are very talented. This was a good day!