indian babies >>> literally anything else: By Lily Price

indian babies >>> literally anything else


Hello all!! I am seriously so in love with India. Everything here makes so happy... I might never come home !! 

I woke up extra early yesterday because I was so excited to get to my school. I love my kids so much. They have the sweetest spirits & are always so so happy. I have successfully taught all of the kids to say “I love you” & it seriously melts my heart. They always give me lots of hugs & kisses.  Nothing will ever make me happier than seeing their smiling faces and hearing them say I love you<3. 

Our driver has the BEST music. Don’t be surprised if when I come home all I want to listen to is indian music. it is a serious bop. I asked my driver to turn up the music in the car today so we could have a dance party. Haha it was a blast.

Today was over all a pretty great day at my school. I taught them about colors & I was pretty excited because I was really looking forward to that lesson. For the activity we play with 

these things called bunchems which are basically little Velcro balls. I had been warned to not let the kids put them in their hair because they get stuck & last year they had to cut one out of a girls hair because it wouldn’t come out. The kids LOVE them so they were super excited to play with them. I gave them all bunches of them & asked them to put them in groups by color. Suddenly, one of the little girls stuck the WHOLE pile of bunchems in my hair!! They we so stuck! Thankfully, my leader Ashley was able to pick them all out without needing to cut my hair but it was still pretty traumatic hahaha. Other than that my lesson went great:) 

I love my ymad family so much. They make this trip so much fun and I haven’t really gotten homesick because even though I’m not with my actual family I am lucky enough to have an awesome group of people to spend time with.

I love and miss you all!! See you soon!