Happy Thanksgiving: By Olivia Winston

Happy Thanksgiving!! It’s day five and I love it here! I’m never coming home. The kids have totally warmed up to us and I finally know all of their names!! They know ours too, but instead of calling Nell, Katherine, Ava, and I by our names, they call us didi which means older sister. 

Side note: If you read my first blog, the little girl’s name is Poluk and she never talks. Today was the first day I heard her talk. She was running around and playing and smiling. At the end of the day when we were getting in the car and the kids were saying bye, she said “bye didi!” to me and it made me happier than I have ever been. 

Today was one of my favorite days because the kids got new shoes. It was a little distracting during the lesson, but to see their

excitement was definitely worth it. 

There are two kids named Kartik and one of them is gangster and one of them is violent. haha. The one who’s gangster wears sunglasses and a hoodie everyday and the one who is violent kicks other kids. a lot. They are both so adorable. Aniket is the youngest student at Dulla. I think he’s 4 and we were dancing today and he was just kicking his arms and legs out while singing. He is the best dancer. 

Anyway, happy Thanksgiving!!