Dancing mishaps: By Julia Nebeker

Dancing mishaps


So, we are officially familiar with our school!! After 4 days in Ludrera (my school) I feel like I have been there my entire life. I catch myself forgetting about my normal existence in a privileged 1st world country. 


Spiders are common to see, but a little dreaded. Bucket showers feel like the best thing in the world, and I love curry for every meal. (None of this is sarcastic, by the way.)


Anyway, back to the school. It is actually pretty nice, considering some of the others. Jake the medic said we had the best teeth in any school so far, and the kids are all mostly happy.


Unfortunately, that 'mostly' is necessary. Because we have been at the school for a bit more time, the kids are way more comfortable with us. This causes them not to pay as close of attention, but we usually stay on track. It is expected, and even so they were way better behaved today compared to yesterday. Yesterday was tough, but having a goods nights sleep (sort of) and a hot meal (curry) made all the difference.


Today I was the group leader at the school, so I wasn't teaching an actual lesson but rather helping manage my teammates that were teaching.  By 'managing' I mean helping them out when things got crazy, keeping the kids paying attention, and acting as a human timer for our rotations.


I was also in charge of our dance activity...but fate decided to throw me a challenge. Apparently I accidentally deleted my music app of the old iPhone I brought, so the carefully planned and calculated activity was pulled together last minute. We used a variety of iPods and phones to try to find songs the kids could dance to, and the result was a bit frustrating.


There was a definite rallying at the end, as the kids showed us some of their cultural dances. It was the cutest thing ever!!! They did one all together, then the girls did a dance, then the boys. The culture here is so immense and amazing, you could never learn everything about it.


I love it so much. I am already sad to go, and it is only the half way mark. Tragically, we don't get to teach tomorrow as it is some sort of holiday in India, and there is no school for anyone. I will miss the kids so much for one day, I cannot imagine how it will feel when we leave.