Woop Woop: By Leesa Tymofichuk

Leesa - Woop Woop

The travel wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be but the long car ride was actually death. The road was so windy that I got car sick of the first time. Luckily, Jake the Medic hooked me up with a Dramamine that knocked me out. I got my hopes up too early about not being constipated because my bowels were moving smoothly until I got sick on Wednesday. However, Jake the Medic hooked me up yet again and I felt a lot better by the end of the day. I’m really digging showering with a bucket because it makes me feel so eco-friendly. The food here is awesome. We normally have curry, rice and naan. Thankfully the curry isn’t too spicy so I can actually enjoy it.

Holy cow (literally) I’m in love with these kids! I was super nervous about teaching because I was afraid the kids wouldn’t like me but they are all so loving that I realized I had nothing to be worried about. They are all so freaking smart. I was shocked by how much they knew because they were reading the book to me and they were spelling all the vocab words. We have kids that range from age 6-13. I find teaching the older kids easier, mainly because in the younger kid group there’s a little stinker named Rohit who cannot sit still for the life of him. He’s super cute and makes life interesting but he definitely gave me a newfound respect for teachers.

The kids go crazy when we have time to play and I absolutely love it. We have tickle fights with them and it’s so cute to see their little faces light up. My village team and I teach the kids handshakes and they taught us some in return. The more days we teach, the more rambunctious the kids get but I honestly love it because it makes teaching more fun and interesting. There’s a girl names Kirti who totally reminds me of myself because she is so studious and definitely makes sure the little kids follow the rules.

We went to the YMAD house of learning on Sunday and Tuesday. The girls there are so sweet! They danced for us and we played ride that pony for so long (I’m kinda sick of that song tbh). We also got to read Harry Potter to them which was an amazing surprise because I love HP and it’s been too long since the last time I’ve read it.

Brooke and Allison are absolutely amazing and I’m so grateful for all they do for me. Jens, my village leader, is the absolute best because he does so much for us and makes sure we always have a good time. Jens is so supportive and the kids have so much fun with him! He was super helpful when I was feeling under the weather because he made sure I was drinking water and he helped me play jump rope with the kids. I love all the leaders and the kids because they already. changed my life so much and it hasn’t even been a week.