And, I'm talking about your children...Daniel, Ellie, Leesa, Leah and Naomi (my orange team), as well as the rest of your children.


I have been lucky enough to wake up before most people (around 4:30) as my cicadian rhythm hasn't kicked in yet. This means I get to shower (e.g., scooping cold water out of a bucket and pouring it on myself). I could wait until the water heater on the roof kicks on, but then I would miss out on so many of the morning, monkeys sitting on the hotel roof with me while I watch eagles soaring across the river that flows between beautiful mountain valleys speckled with towers of smoke streaming out of the colored buildings nestled in dense trees….and watching local workers walking down the street, before sunrise dressed in colorful clothing, carrying the tools of their trade..all while watching the sunrise to the accompanying sounds of the temple chimes positioned just a few hundred feet up the trail from our rooms!!!


I wanted to talk about so many things today. But, I don't have time. For instance, I wanted to tell you how amazing the leaders are (i.e., Allison, Ashley, Brooke, Jackie and Nell) and how they have shown how strong, wise and compassionate they are. And, I wanted to tell you how great my roommate Jake is (besides being crazy smart and a great medical resource, he is also so personable, patient and understanding). 


I also wanted to talk about the poetic contrasts in every scene, smell, sound, taste and experience.  But, if I did, I wouldn't have time to talk about how much the amazing teens on the orange team have touched my heart at Sidhpura (a school of 10 boys and 17 girls between the ages of 6 and 13). 


So, I will spend the rest of this time talking about your amazing children (in alphabetical order, because they are each my favorite for different reasons)...


Daniel is so deeply loved by all of the boys at the school. They all idolize him. His smile and eyes light up the schoolyard when he laughs with them and teaches them new words and fun handshakes. He has a very calming demeanor and can correct and scold with the most velvet gloves. Daniel always has a positive attitude with the children and his personality is so soothing. I have been very impressed with his deep observations and ability to improvise 


Ellie is so energetic and positive. She confronts every challenge and difficult situation with a calm confidence and excitement. Ellie is unlikely to ever find a situation she can't conquer. I don't think Ellie ever stops smilling while she teaches. She is so positive and encouraging to every single child. 


Leesa has the determination of a champion. I have seen Leesa handle some of the most difficult teaching situations with total strength and independent resolve. She is so smart and prepared. This has been a constant with Leesa, since I met her.


Leah has the most unassuming humor and wit. She has a great ability to understand and communicate with the children. Leah is a very talented and natural teacher. I love watching how engaging she is and how well she manages her time.


Naomi is so fun and whimsical. I am amazed at her creativity and artistry. She has such a pleasant personality and has a great time with all of the children. She has a fun little laugh and smile that she freely shares with the children at almost every opportunity, even when they act silly and naughty.


Your kids are so awesome...thanks for sharing them for this short time, they are doing great and are so happy.