Mom I found me a Goat!: By Kaden Hale

Mom I found me a Goat!: Kaden Hale


It all started in an airport on November 16, 2018. At that moment I didn’t know what was to come. Was I going to love it? Was I going to hate it? Could I last two weeks without my lacrosse stick? As I left my parents my journey began. Before I could see the sweet children, I had heard so much about I had to go through a lot of travel. We made it through security and I realized that we had about 3 hours until we left, so all the boys decided to walk through the whole Salt Lake Airport. We made it to places I didn’t know existed. So, if you ever have any questions about where things are in the airport, I can now tell you. We then boarded our plane to Dallas, and as it turns out it’s not a good idea to bring a stuffed goat on a trip with a lot of girls. I’m pretty sure every person asked what is with the goat. 


When we made it to Dallas I realized that my dream of living there is going to have to come true. The city was so cool! Even if I just saw the inside of the airport. We swiftly walked from airplane to airplane and got onto the biggest airplane I have ever been on. They served us 3 meals and spent about 15 hours on the plane. I also realized that I don’t actually like flying for that long. But as I sat on the plane I knew it would all be worth it when I got to play with the little kids. Now for a funny story. During the long flight sometime during the night I was minding my own business when all of the sudden I had to pee more than I ever had before. I turned off my TV and went to tap the guy next to me on the shoulder, but I couldn’t do it. I physically could not tap this man on the shoulder to get out. He was in the middle of sleeping and I just couldn’t do it. So, I decided to start pumping myself up. I would count myself down like 5,4,3,2…. But then I couldn’t get to 1 and do it. So, I waited an hour and a half of pumping myself up until I finally tapped him and got out. The rest of the travel was alright. Can’t wait to do it all again.


We have spent 3 days with the kids now. And it has been a wave of emotions. But overall it has been the best experience of my life. I keep thinking of it like my trial mission. The kids are so freakin sweet. They hug you, kiss you, and downright love you. They love being held and hugged and thrown. I have been so nervous about failing these children but every day as I leave the school I realize that I fulfilled my job. The first day was gut wrenching. As soon as I woke up my stomach dropped. We packed up and left for the schools. The whole ride there I was dreading the fact that I had to teach. We pulled up and immediately were greeted by some of the cutest kids I have ever met. They were all so happy we were there. They said their morning payer then we started teaching. It was not nearly as hard as I thought. I just turned into my most animated that I could be, and it worked. They are super smart and very clingy. I threw probably 100 kids into the air. It’s so fun. That day we went to the market and I saw a heard of goats! They were so awesome! I think I’m going to buy one and bring one home! After 3 days I can remember a few names but not all of them. I have loved every moment I have had with the kids. I wish all of you could come and experience this for yourself. Talking about it just doesn’t do it justice. After almost a year of preparation it was well worth it. I still miss my lacrosse stick which is super dorky to say but I think these kids will keep me occupied enough to keep it off my mind. Everyone have a Happy Thanksgiving! Love you all!


Kaden (the GOAT) Hale