India-the Land of the Full Send: By Tyler Murrill

India-the Land of the Full Send

The start of the trip was a party-3 hours in SLC, a 3 hour flight to Dallas, a 1 hour layover, a 14 hour flight to Doha(coolest airport ever), a 2 hour layover, a 3 1/2 hour flight from Doha to Amritsar, and then after getting everyone through immigration a 20 minute drive to the golden temple. Aside from weird looks and Indian guys trying to take pictures of the American girls, it was cool to walk around the temple and listen to the prayer. After the temple we took a 2 hour car ride to breakfast, which was some eggs, toast, and really wack jam. The car ride was fun and we jammed out the whole time, but after breakfast Jake the Medic gave everyone dramamine and everyone except Emily and the driver slept most of it. Driving is kind of scary because there aren’t a ton of rules, and the drivers will pass at will, even around blind turns. 

The schools are the best part so far. Our school is the best, and people from the other 3 teams can square up. We have 37 kids and they are all amazing. It’s so different from America because all the kids want to do is learn, and they are so easy to keep happy. I am getting tired of ride that pony, but down by the banks is still fun. 

The first graders are the most amazing kids. Janvi and Sumit are happy no matter what and they love everything and everyone. The third and second graders are spazes and they are hard to keep under control, but the fourth and fifth graders are super smart. I’ve killed two spiders, and hurt my shoulder punching a spider into a wall. It took 3 hits to kill and was bigger than my hand. The other spider wasn’t that big, but they are too fast. See ya next time, Tyler -open bar open casket