Forgiveness and Halloween by Bella Lupo

The YMAD Denver team gathered on October 21st at The Scott’s home for another meeting. The theme was forgiveness. Our leaders highlighted this concept by going through a thought presentation with the team. Everyone’s daily lives require forgiveness - when someone accidentally bumps into you to when someone lies. It’s apart of life and will be a huge factor in our journey to India. We learned that it’s best to let go of pride, hurt, and anger in order to find peace and love with one another when we choose to forgive. Tracie challenged us to forgive someone in our lives that we might be inclined not too and then teach someone about the power of forgiveness. This stuck with everyone as we discussed forgiving among one another, taking it seriously. The rest of the meeting went smoothly, we practiced our songs, learned a new game, and took time to dance.

The next Saturday Bella, Jonas, Ian, and Kinsey helped with a haunted house. Brooklyn also did concessions at the park during the day. In the morning, Bella and Jonas helped the neighborhood set up the tents in order to build the haunted house with tents and tape on walls to keep the insides dark. Kinsey then took Bella and Jonas to get more concessions supplies to sell after set up was completed. The whole team, now including Ian, went back to the haunted house at 6pm to sell concessions. It went great! A kind, older gentleman named Frank bought out our concessions to hand out to those who didn’t have the cash to buy them. Everyone had a lot of fun and raised a good amount of money.