Falling in Love in the Cruelest Way, by Abby Florence

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I am so happy here!! This trip really cannot be put into the right words. It is amazing to be here, and see that everything leading up to these two weeks have been 100% worth it. It is nothing like what I expected it to be and is something I never knew I was missing. The love that I have felt during these past few days is overwhelming. These girls grab your face and squeeze and kiss and hug constantly! It never ends.

When I heard these girls had nothing I didn't know just how little nothing truly is. They survive off of extremely little but are the most gracious and giving people I've met. I have had the opportunity to go to the village of Coach Pakor and I am in love. Everyday as we walk into the school the kids line up to give us bouquets of so many flowers!they put them in our hair and it sj the sweetest thing. One girl, named Seya has given me sweet gifts. I have received a barrette and a small ring and as I see her home I am overwhelmed at the fact that she would give me one of her treasured things. These girls have so much love and I adore them all.

I am feeling overwhelmed about the small amount of time we have left with these girls. Their lives aren't easy. Most of them will likely have to experience things we can't imagine. And yet, they have such light in them. They radiate joy and it is the most beautiful thing about them. All I can do in this short time is let them know how live they are. For every kiss on the cheek I get, I give one back. Germs don't exist in India right?! ;) I would be so happy staying here forever. It is such hard work and it breaks my heart to think of saying goodbye. The words of our goodbye song says it the best. "This is falling in love in the cruelest way. This is falling in love when you are worlds away" India has stolen my heart!!!

I'm hoping SLC is happy and I'm missing my family but know that I am thinking about you and excited to see you! See you soon!

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