Everything’s Rad-hika: By Phoebe Frazier

Everything’s Rad-hika

By Phoebe Frazier


Hey there! It’s me, ya boi! Yes, I am a little sick. Yes, the humidity is making my hair crazy. Full on ringlets, my dudes. Yes, the food is kind of rough on me. And yes, this is the most incredible experience of my life. No words can describe what this place is like but I’ll try.


To make a 14.5 hour long story short, I don’t think I like planes. I got a nose bleed but I also watched Mamma Mia 1 and 2 so let’s look on the bright side.


The first day here was really rough on me. Really rough. I think I was just shocked. You’d drive down the street and see cars, motorcycles, nice-ish houses, and people. Just like at home. But you’d drive a little further and you’d see stray dogs, wandering cattle, people living out of garages, and a donkey with a broken leg eating trash. You think that last one is an exaggeration. It’s not. When we went to the tailor with our fabrics, we walked into one room. That one room was his whole house that he, his wife, and his two kids lived in. I think seeing that and then thinking back to my queen sized bed and house, it’s just a lot. So this, along with a lot of other cultural differences, was and still is weighing on me.


The school we work at is tiny. Teeny tiny. Every morning, the kids try their best to hold still to say their prayer. It’s very interesting to watch. I wish I knew what it meant. Just like how we went to the Golden Temple, I felt foolish for not knowing the cultural or theological meanings behind these places or practices. They interest me and I’ll definitely have to do some research when I get home. But anyway, our kids are a little crazy. There are 32 of them and only 7 of us. It can get a little chaotic sometimes. But they are the sweetest little people I’ve ever met. I thought I hated kids but maybe kids at home just hate me?? I’m not used to kids loving me so quickly. It’s a little exhausting but also, seeing these little kids argue over who gets to hold your hand and yell “Didi! Didi!” is so adorable.


I hate to say it... but I do have favorites. Divyansha is this little girl in one of it groups. So far, she’s given me two drawing of basically the same thing: a house with a sun behind it. She also has like 5 photos of me. Radhika is another one of our girls. She’s so sweet and loves all of us and she’s just too cute! Kids don’t usually like me so the kids that love me, I love them.


Dipti owns my heart. She’s the youngest at our school and she always wears these big sweaters & has her hair up in a pony tail right on top of her head. She’ll sit in my lap during my lessons and ask to be carried. She does this funny little bit where she pretends to cry and then suddenly burst out laughing. It’s the most adorable thing ever. She said “I love you” and I lost it. She’s so cute! She also gave me a kiss on my cheek, my forehead, my other cheek, my nose, and then tried to kiss me on the lips but our translator saved me. I could go on about Dipti forever but it would never even come close to giving you her full personality and behaviors. All I’m gonna say is that I never thought I could love a kid this much.


So stuff is going pretty great. I might return with a child but if I don’t, I’ll return with all these memories. I can’t wait for the rest of this expedition.