Tyler’s Marry Poppins Y’all!: By Kathryn Wieland

Tyler’s Marry Poppins Y’all!

Our second day in the schools was an enormous success! All the kids have warmed up and our lessons are going great! All they want to do is play games and take photos. They say “Madame G, Madame G! Photo, picture! Please!” and you can’t say no. But don’t worry, the teaching still gets done.

         Today I taught them all about insects. We learned flashcards with matching games. Their favorites are “butterfly”, “bee”, and “caterpillar”. Then we made some popsicle stick dragonflies. Warning: children and glitter glue do NOT mix! Everything else was fantastic though. Macey conquered prepositions, Julia’s manner tea party was lovely, and “Tiger Tyler” was the best group leader this side of Chamba has ever seen. He was prepared for everything. Cough drops, band-aids, snacks. You need it, he’s got it! His bag has everything and he took such good care of us. “Practically perfect in every way.” *see title* Zoe is killing it with the kids too! They’re all over her. She can’t even sit down without being swarmed. They love her and she’s so good about knowing their names.

         I myself can’t get over actually being here and the kids are absolutely adorable! They’re such precious little beans and I want their attention SO BAD! Two little girls, Tamanna and Kajal, have warmed up so well. They hold my hand, sit on my lap, and cradle my face in their hands. Their smiles just melt my heart! It’s reminds me of my darling sisters. I love you so much girlies!!! Mom and Dad, I’m thinking of you too and I can’t wait to hold you in my arms. I hope your toes are waiting for me! *wink* I’ll see you real soon! Hugs and bessos!

         All my love and more, 

Kathryn Wieland