Top 10 Things I Love About India, by Addison Fullmer

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  1. The smells

  2. Potty packs

  3. Showering with cold water

  4. No traffic laws

  5. Sleeping on concrete floors

  6. Getting up at 5:30 everyday

  7. Waking up at 3:00 am to nonstop honking

  8. Hitting my head on short doorways

  9. Sweating my body weight everyday


Hearing my name screamed with pure joy makes my whole day brighter. These girls eagerly wait for us to come teach them everyday and when we walk into that room there is not one YMAD teen that doesn't have 4+ kids hanging from their arms. The girls have the biggest smiles and give the best hugs. It was interesting to learn a handshake that they all have. Once they figure out I know the handshake I do it 20 times (no exaggeration) with a different girl.

It is only the second day of teaching these Main Day Boarding School girls but I have the deepest love for them already. The first day we taught them they asked if we were best friends, and you said yes they would hold onto you hand and never let go. These girls stole my heart the second I saw them. I did not fully understand the extent at which I could care for these girls in such a short amount of time.

There are no words I could use to explain how amazing, pure, full of love, kind, energetic and deserving these girls are. I think I can speak for everyone in the group when I say that I was not emotionally prepared for the girls to take over my world. And not just the girls but all the people I come in contact with. All of these people truly love one another and love us. It is funny to walk down the street and see everyone get out their cameras and film us.

Overall, this trip has been filled with new things, like new foods, new language, new people, new sleep schedule, new experience, but most important new love for the Indian people. I am emotionally, and physically attached to the girls (literally). And I am beyond happy I get to experience all of this with the greatest leaders and my best friends. I love India and I never want to leave.

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