Thriving - Emmy Snedaker

Hello friends and family. Yes, I am still alive and well. It’s so wild to believe I’m actually in India after months and months of preparation. Still feels like I’m dreaming.

After breakfast today we got in the car. We arrived at our school and the kids were saying their morning prayers. Yesterday our translator told us they were praying to the God of Fruit (Mango) and the God of Vegetables (Potato). There’s a little girl that reminds me of my sister and her name Muskaan. So so cute. I absolutely love all these kids. They’re all so happy, willing, and eager to learn. Sure, they can get a little distracted but it’s impossible to be mad at them. The last 30 minutes of school today we danced. Olivia showed them how to Floss, Whip, Nae-Nae, etc. Everyone had so much fun. When we were driving back from the school today Ava asked our translator if the kids have ever made fun of us. Without hesitation, she said yes. But mostly because we can’t pronounce their names correctly. Things I will probably never get used to in India: dogs, monkeys, and cows casually roaming the streets; every driver honking their horn, whether it’s to say hi, get out of the way, or I’m passing you; driving on the left side of the road; folding my sleeping bag inside itself every morning so bugs don’t crawl into it; taking your own toilet paper into the bathroom; squeegying the floor after your shower with a bucket; etc.